Garage Conversions in Coalville
House Extensions and Roofing Services | How Much Disruption Can You Expect?

Are you ready to invest in your dream home improvement or development project? Work like garage conversions and house extensions have a transformative effect on family homes and rental properties alike. They improve quality of life, ease that cluttered feeling and, for landlords, increase rental yields. However, between signing the contract and utilising the room, you must face a certain amount of disruption.

The truth is, the work we undertake as a building contractor and roofing contractor, not to mention house builders too, turns peaceful domestic sanctuaries around Coalville into construction sites.

Of course, we minimise noise, dust, mess and disruption, but we can’t eliminate them. To ensure as smooth and pleasant an experience as possible, we highlight what you can expect before our team arrives at your site.

Below, we have provided an initial insight into the disruption associated with house extensions and garage conversions.

Meeting All Your Roofing Needs
Don’t forget, in addition to extending homes and converting garages, we also offer a wide range of roofing services. Our team works with equal proficiency on pitched and flat roofs alike. We cover repairs, fix leaks, carry out reroofing work and install brand-new roofing structures.When it comes to flat roofs, we supply and lay Firestone EPDM rubber roofing, one of the leading roof coverings available on the market today. For added peace of mind, our installations of this material come with a 25-year guarantee.

The bulk of our roofing work takes place in the domestic sector, but we have the resources and skillset to meet smaller commercial needs too. The latter includes pubs and small shops.

Whether you’ve got an ageing property or you’re constructing a new build from scratch, you can rely on Cole & Co. for all your roofing and reroofing services.

Home Improvements and Disruption

Property Extensions
The amount of disruption associated with an extension depends on the size of the new structure. All extensions are unique. Generally speaking, though, a simple, 3-metre single-storey addition at the rear of a house takes our building contractors around 3 to 4 months to complete. For double-storey extensions, timescales reach approximately 6 months. Both these figures do not include the planning and design process.

As time-served building and roofing contractors – and house builders – we recognise that you don’t want to move out during home improvement and development work. We work with you to formulate a plan to keep the elements out while work takes place. This solution also focuses on keeping the rest of your house free of dust.

Our team also makes sure you still have access to essential amenities, where possible. For example, if house extensions involve ripping out the kitchen, we can set up a temporary kitchenette elsewhere in the house.

There are various other solutions that you may need to entertain. These include putting precious items in storage, installing gates for the safety of small children or pets and the temporary repurposing of other rooms.

Garage Conversions
During extensions, our building contractors and roofing contractors combine to create a home addition from the foundations up. This is similar in nature to the new builds we complete as a house builder. When converting your garage in Coalville, however, we optimise a structure that already exists.

In fact, our personnel work inside the garage itself for 95% of the conversion process. As such, your daily routines remain relatively undisturbed. It’s only when we knock through from the garage to the original house that our work ventures inside. But this is one of the last phases of the project and doesn’t take long to complete.

Once the physical work begins, garage conversions progress quickly. Site-specific factors affect how long your own will take. Key among these is whether you need to reinforce shallow foundations. A single-car garage typically takes 3 to 6 weeks to convert into a liveable space, a much quicker turnaround when compared with house extensions.

Do you need a building contractor for home improvement or development work? Are you searching for a reputable roofing contractor or specialist house builder? Look no further than Cole & Co.

Roofing and Reroofing Specialists
As a building and roofing contractor, we provide the complete service package for home improvement and development work. While this includes roof-related services for house extensions and garage conversions, it also applies to new builds and standalone roofing projects.

As experts in both pitched and flat roofs, we meet every need. If your roof covering has seen better days, but the underlying structure is in good condition, we perform a reroofing. This process involves the replacement of the material covering your roof. However, if you have an older property with a failing roof, we can build an entirely new structure from scratch.

Whatever your requirements, Cole & Co. supplies all the materials needed for your job. Where necessary, we can help you source a reliable scaffolding company too. But if you already have one lined up, we are more than happy to work with them.

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