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Roofing Contractor | Popular Ways to Use New Living Space

At Cole & Co., we operate as a building contractor and roofing contractor. We also complete entire new builds as a house builder. From loft and garage conversions to house extensions, we are adept at creating new living space for Loughborough homeowners who can’t, or don’t want to, move. The creation of a new room, be it from scratch or by converting an existing structure, represents a sizeable undertaking. You may only be able to carry out such work once at your property, so it’s vital that you get it right.

Of course, the best results rely on premium workmanship. To ensure this, you must hire a time-served building contractor. With a workforce sharing over 100 years of trade experience, Cole & Co. ticks every box in this regard.

When it comes to house extensions, garage conversions and similar jobs, how you use your new room will also go a long way to defining its success. For the best return on your investment, it must become just as integral a space as those in the original property.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, we have listed below some of the most popular ways homeowners use new living space. Call us on 07706 400 066 to discuss your own home improvement or development ideas, or any of the services we provide as a roofing contractor and house builder.

New Roofs and Roofing Upgrades
In addition to creating new living space, investing in reroofing is another highly popular form of property improvement. Of course, your property’s roof provides a watertight seal that keeps the elements, and wildlife, out. A fully functional roof is also vital to optimising energy efficiency.

If your existing roof has become compromised, be it a minor leak or multiple slipped tiles, your internal roofing materials and loft will suffer damage from moisture ingress. Your house will also have a reduced ability to retain warmth, making it harder and more expensive to create a comfortable environment.

At Cole & Co., we provide a range of services for pitched and flat roofs. From reroofing to replace an old covering to the construction of a roofing structure for a new build, there’s no need we can’t meet in the domestic sector. We also fulfil small commercial contracts too.

Uses for New Living Space

Additional Bedroom
Whether you prefer house extensions or loft and garage conversions, an extra bedroom remains one of the most popular, and most versatile, solutions for new habitable space. They help to spread growing families out. They allow for a lodger and additional income. Likewise, they increase the monthly yield if you have a rental property.

In addition to improved quality of life, a new bedroom completed by a skilled building contractor also brings about the highest increase in resale value too. This is especially true if you can incorporate en suite facilities.

With a skillset covering those of a house builder and roofing contractor, you can rely on Cole & Co. to deliver a fully bespoke bedroom to unrivalled standards of quality.

Home Office
The coronavirus pandemic saw a significant percentage of the population switch to working from home. While this change may not be permanent for everyone, attitudes to working have most definitely altered. For optimal output and concentration, however, your home needs a dedicated office environment.

With our house extensions and garage conversions, you can create a bespoke home office tailored to your needs. If you prefer the idea of a new build, our house builders can integrate an office as part of your design. Whichever option you prefer, our building and roofing contractors deliver a much more appealing alternative to a cramped kitchen table, bedroom desk or chilly conservatory.

Home Gym/Workout Studio
The pandemic lockdowns also made many of us re-evaluate our attitudes toward health. With gyms closed for long stretches of time, more people turned to home workouts. In turn, the convenience of working out at home became abundantly clear. As a result, property owners in Loughborough and across the country turned to building contractors to create home gyms and workout studios by way of house extensions and garage conversions.

Our building and roofing contractors factor in every consideration, including the appropriate flooring if you prefer weight training and heavy machinery. Again, our house builders can also include this option in a new build, if that’s your preferred route.

Creating Leak-Free Pitched and Flat Roofs
As your building and roofing contractors, we offer a complete service package that meets all your needs. When building an extension, we design and construct a new roofing structure to any specification. This can be a traditional pitched roof or one of our flat roofs. The latter work especially well if you have a tighter budget.

Of course, when performing a loft conversion, we complete all the required roof-related services as part of the job. This includes the restructuring, replacement and repair work needed to deliver a warm and inviting space that fully complies with the Building Regulations.

But you don’t need to undertake one of these projects to give your roof some care and attention. There’s never a bad time to perform a reroofing, especially if your roof is already compromised. If you’re putting considerable sums of money into dream home improvements, you should protect your investment by ensuring your property has the appropriate watertight seal.

Call 07706 400 066 to speak with a proven building and roofing contractor, as well as a house builder, for all home improvements and developments in Loughborough.