Reroofing in Coalville, Loughborough and the Surrounding Areas
Roof Replacement Services

Is your current roof covering fragile, faded and near the end of its lifecycle? Or is it relatively new and healthy but with localised damage? Whether your roof has been in place for decades or is worse for wear after a storm, you understandably don’t want to take any chances with your property’s watertight seal. Even the smallest crack or hole allows water into the interior space beneath. Once this occurs, the situation will only deteriorate, with rot, damp, mould and even weakened structural integrity all potential outcomes.

Based in Loughborough, Cole & Co. undertakes reroofing services on pitched and flat roofs in the neighbouring areas. Our roofing contractors are the go-to choice in locations like Coalville, Hathern, Quorn, Rothley, Swithland and Woodhouse Eaves, to name a few.

When it comes to roof replacement work, we cover every eventuality. Reroofing involves the replacement of the materials protecting your roof’s internal structure. Our team undertakes this service on a full or partial basis.

If the underlying structure is in just as poor a condition as the covering, we can perform a full roof replacement. In much the same way, our roofing contractors can also design and construct roofs for new build properties too.

By providing this range of options, Cole & Co. covers minor issues, major problems and everything in between.

While the bulk of our reroofs come in the domestic sector, we have the experience and resources to fulfil small commercial work too. This includes replacing pitched and flat roofs on buildings such as pubs and shops.

Partial or Full Reroofing?

Full Reroofs
A full replacement of a roof covering typically involves an installation that has been in place for decades. If you take a proactive approach to inspecting and maintaining your roof, you will prolong its lifespan, maximising your initial investment. However, with constant exposure to the elements, all roofing materials will degrade and eventually fail.

Roof coverings come in various materials, all of which have their own expected lifecycle. Generally speaking, though, when roofs exceed 20 years old, they become more susceptible to damage.

If the roof on your Coalville, Loughborough or local-area property has degraded, or if it has extensive damage across the surface, full reroofing likely represents the most cost-effective solution, both in the immediate- and long-term.

You can rest assured, our roofing contractors only advise this service as a last resort.

Partial Reroofs
If your roof covering shows signs of damage in one area, but the rest of the surface is in an otherwise good condition, partial reroofing makes the best solution. Because the majority of your roof is performing as it should, we only need to focus on the effected section. On both pitched and flat roofs, we take every possible step to seamlessly integrate the new materials with those already in place.

Naturally, partial reroofing is much smaller in scale compared with a full replacement. As such, you still restore optimal appearance and performance but all while minimising disruption and costs.

If you suspect your roof has localised damage, contact us to schedule an inspection. Following this check, we can recommend the most effective service for your needs.

Important Considerations

When deciding which route to take with your property’s roof, you should consider the following:

  • Roof Age – When was yours installed? The longer both pitched and flat roofs have been in place, the weaker they become. It’s important to recognise that partial reroofing will create an inconsistency in your entire roof’s total lifespan. In some cases, complete replacement is a better long-term investment
  • Roof Appearance – The roof is one of your property’s most prominent features. As the covering ages, it changes in appearance. You may not even realise until the time comes to change some tiles. Even if fitting the same product, the new installation will look fresher than the original

As you would expect from reputable roofing contractors, Cole & Co. provides all the advice and guidance you need to make the best decision for you, your roof and your entire property.

When carrying out reroofing in Coalville, Loughborough and the surrounding areas, we supply all the necessary materials for your job. We can help to source a trusted scaffolding company, if needed. But if you already have one lined up, we are more than happy to work with them.

Our new roof installations come with a 25-year guarantee.

Call 07706 400 066 to talk over reroofing options in Loughborough, Coalville and locations throughout Leicestershire and the neighbouring areas.